10 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense.

10 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense

10 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense:- There are several reasons and here is my answer to the present question. during this post, I justify Why I hate Google Adsense and why Google Adsense sucks.

Obtaining approved is thus hard.

I’ve been asked such a large amount of times by alternative bloggers, why Google Adsense isn’t approving their sites.Google is obtaining strict day by day. They don’t approve any weblog simply even though its six months or one year recent. If you create website excellent to use for Adsense. There are fewer probabilities they’ll approve the location.

Adsense puts you within the competition.

Adsense puts you within the competition. It needs from you some labor and distinctive content. Your niche ought to be full of some awful work. Your diary or web site ought to be the darling of search engines. This results in analysis. Rates of Adsense conjointly vary from website to site and keyword to keyword. Adsense doesn’t have fastened rates for an equivalent keyword. thus you’ll not generate an equivalent quantity anytime.

Do not forgive minor mistakes.

Adsense doesn’t have a forgiving heart and reviewing policy. If your account is suspended, it’s suspended. And you’ll not be ready to redeem your earned quantity through Adsense once if your account is suspended.

AdSense create Readers Leave the location.

The first factor I hate regarding Google Adsense is it makes the readers leave the location.

How? once somebody clicks on the ad, they leave your website. as a result of Adsense, links don’t open in new tab. Majority of Adsense ads are CPC primarily based. so as to create cash readers have to be compelled to leave your weblog.So, would you wish to lose readers only for few cents? The visitant that leave your website will be:- A lost sale,  A lost subscriber and so on…

Very little Editorial management.

Do you apprehend Google has over one hundred advertisers or maybe quite this?You don’t have any management that one will advertise on your weblog or not. Isn’t that sucks? If you would like full management over ads you’ll use OIOPublisher for WordPress. this is often the most effective plugin to manage all ad spot, advertisers, payments, and stats.

Massive delay in payment.

First, so as to receive cash from Adsense, you have got to verify your home address. Adsense sends pin which may take a pair of or three months reckoning on wherever you reside. Adsense minimum payout is 100$, once you reach this minimum quantity. you have got to attend for several weeks or a month to receive checks.

Email Support simply Sucks.

Google Adsense have email support. however, you’ve to attend for too several days to induce a reply from them.You might like another support to induce their reply.

Low price Cost Per Click.

If you’re not from the U.S.A. or Western Europe – ditch massive earnings.For made European countries worth per click is comparatively smart. It may be $1 2$ or maybe quite this. It depends on keywords.

So, If you’re obtaining daily 100-1000 daily you won’t earn a lot of cash.That means, if your sites get the little portion of such traffic – you may receive $0.01 – $0.05 for clicks. Might be around 1$-10$ a month. Adsense pays terribly less per click.If you have got high traffic, several massive advertisers can contact you to pay far better than Adsense.

Too several rules to follow?

Just attempt reading their terms and Conditions you’ll apprehend what I mean.They have too several rules to follow. even though you follow them, they’ll ban your Adsense account. Once you get a ban, you’ll ne’er get Adsense back.

Once you get illegal, you’ll ne’er retreat to in.

If you are trying obtaining approved for Adsense for a brand new weblog. They won’t approve your application. even though you follow all the Google Adsense rules and TOS. There are probabilities that Adsense can ban your website.Once you get illegal simply forget Adsense. They won’t allow you to retreat to within the program once more.

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