8 thousand years old village found in Mongolia.

8 thousand years old village found in Mongolia.

8 thousand years old village found in Mongolia

8 thousand years old village found in Mongolia:- Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of eight thousand years old village in Mongolia. Officials informed about this on Thursday. According to the news agency Xinhua news, the recovered area spread over 30,000 square meters, in which 13 houses were found in deep potholes. In addition, more than 1,300 items have been recovered, most of which are axes and shovels of stones that were buried inside the ground.

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Hu Shiong, head of the archaeologist group, said, “Most of the objects were made of stone tools, that means cutting stones were the main activity, as well as large amounts of animal bones and stone characters, which seem to have appeared. That people used to live their lives by gathering food and food. “

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Experts say that Yumen culture had specific characteristics, but it was more advanced than previously received residues

Yummin culture was a civilization between the Stone Age and Neolithic period, which was first discovered in the central part of Mongolia in 2014.

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