Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic for Website.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Organic Traffic vs Buy Traffic for Website

Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic for Website:-  If you have a website and you work very hard on that website, but you are upset because your website is not getting traffic, so what do some people do to buy traffic, is it right or wrong? So today, through this article, will you know what the advantage and disadvantages of buying are traffic? So first of all, we will learn about Organic Traffic.

What is Organic Traffic? And how does it work, and what are its advantages?

Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic

     So I explain to you in a straightforward and simple language that the real thing is real, organic traffic is the benefit that whatever the visitor comes from, it comes from the search engine, that means you come to find your website and whatever You have written an article, they read and teach them, and if they like your article and your website, then Visitors will visit your website frequently and this will increase the rank of your website and on your article. More views will come because who is a Genuine Visitor, he takes time to read your article, and Google sees how long time the visitor has stayed on your website, this will be the time for which your viewing time will increase. And your earnings will be good and if the visitor enjoys your article, then by sharing it will also click on the Ads on Google Adsense.

“For example:- If some guests came to your house such as Uncle, Aunty, nephew, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, grandfather, grandmother and etc all these were not called non-visiting guests. All the guests who know you do not even call you, they will come to your house and will always come and this guest will not harm you, but they will think only about your good. So these are all benefits from Organic Traffic.”

What is the purchased traffic? And how does it work, and what are its disadvantages?

Buy Traffic
Buy Traffic

     Let us know what are the disadvantages of making a Buy Traffic, if you buy Traffic from any company, eg: – In $10, you will get 10000 Visitor Traffic and it will be your website’s Whatever page view of the article will be increased, it will increase but the view time will not increase because the visitors who are bought will not read your article, because they do not mean anything to your article, only the seller will send them to your website and Or find it via a software can also send traffic page views increase | The visitor will come to your site only once and do not think that you have bought 10,000 visitors in $10 and that will come up to your site which will increase your Earning by clicking repeatedly on the Google Adsense. We’ll be happy that we spent $10 instead of getting $30, but it’s a guarantee that you might be able to get the money, after some days your Google Adsense will be disabled. For Invalid Click or Invalid Activity.

“For example:- If there are some uninvited people who have not known you at your house and you have never seen them before today, it would be that if they are uninvited, they can harm your home or you, You can steal, and in many ways, you can get harmed.”

     So, as you might have understood, here is the comparison of Organic Traffic with the guests of life that is safe for you. And Buy Traffic is compared to an unfamiliar person, who has not called without you, they do not know that they can harm you in any way. Therefore, do not think about buying a Traffic anytime, you only work hard on your website and you will get the result of it late but whenever you get good will get good. Therefore, you will never face the illusion of the website of the Traffic Buy, as this is against the Google Adsense Guideline.

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