Do you know the truth about this beautiful picture?

Do you know the truth about this beautiful picture?

Window XP Wallpaper
Window XP Wallpaper

Do you know the truth about this beautiful picture:- Who does not recognize this picture Until some years ago, when you use Windos xp on your laptop or computer, then this picture must have settled in your mind In the office or at home, when you work on your computer, you will first see this picture. If you have not changed the desktop background wallpaper. This photo appeared on Microsoft’s operating system Windows XP, which started on 24 August 2001. Microsoft chose it as the default desktop image.

However, with the rise of time, you will see this photo only on very short occasions, but still this picture will be settled in your heart and mind. But do you know what is the truth of this picture? Is this picture genuine or imaginary? If this is real, then from where and by whom?

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Many such questions will always arise in your mind, then we tell you today what is the truth of this picture, this picture was captured by American famous photographer Charles O-Rear in his own camera. This picture dates back to 1996 when Charles was going to California on any of his work on 1st January. In the meantime, “Sonoma County” has seen these beautiful scenes in the middle path. Charles did not have high resolution camera at the moment, but he always kept a small camera near him.

They captured this beautiful sight in their camera. Charles had taken such four photographs. The exact location of this picture was revealed after the interview by Charles in a 2002 channel interview. After this many people tried to click on such pictures by going to ‘ Sonoma Country’, but such a sight did not appear again. Later, there was a grape cultivation on the ground, so no person could ever take that photo again.

Bliss location Sonoma Valley in 2006

Microsoft’s company executives liked it at first sight when Charles had drawn these pictures, then they did not have a direct idea that this picture taken by him would be seen by billions of people around the world. So one day they sat sitting on these pictures and uploaded these pictures on Bill Gates’s image licensing service ‘Corbis’. And the company’s owner Bill Gates, along with the company’s officials, liked this photo too. After this, Charles was contacted for buying these photographs. It is said that Charles was paid a lot in exchange for these photographs. However, Charles did not disclose the amount of money in the deal till date. But it was an idea that it was the second most expensive picture in the world.

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Charles O'Rear
Image credits: Lufthansa
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