Earth Facts-Earth’s surface structure,History of the origin.


Earth’s surface structure, History of the origin:- The probability of life in the Solar System is not visible to any planet other than the Earth. Water, air etc. are present on the only Earth planet. The third planet of the Solar System is meaning, the meaning is the word of a German language, the common meaning of this word is the ground. If scientists consider research, then the Earth is about 4 billion years ago. About the same time, the whole solar system was formed. According to scientists, the earth is formed by the combination of gas and dust, by rotating around the Sun by a gravitational force. The Earth has Central Core, Rocky Metal, and a Solid Crust.

The radius of the earth and distance from the Sun

The Earth’s radius is approximately 6,371 kilometers and is the fifth largest body in the solar system on the basis of size. The Earth is located approximately 150 million kilometers from the Sun. This distance has been named Astronomical Unit. The time lag takes approximately 8.3 minutes to reach the sunlight.

Earth’s structure

The main four of the Earth is the only layer. It has its center inside of it, which is surrounded by crust and metal. Most of the outside is crusted. The radius of the Earth’s inner core is 1221 kilometers. It is made of iron and nickel. The temperature here is about 10, 830 ° F that is approximately 6,000 ° C. It has a 2210-kilometer-thick layer, which is also constructed from iron-nickel and various types of chemicals. The outer core and crust are the thickest layer of metal in between. The outer layer (outer layer) of the Earth is roughly 30 kilometers thick.

Every year the Earth is celebrated on April 22 to make the earth safer and more beautiful.

Earth’s surface

Just like Mars and Jupiter planets, the Earth also has volcanoes, hills, valleys, etc. Earth’s lithosphere, which contains crust and upper metal, is continuously moving along with it being filled in various large plates. For example, the North America plate passes above the Pacific Ocean basin. At this moment, the speed of this plate is almost the same as any person’s nails grow. When a plate comes in the path of a different plate. And friction in both plates produces earthquakes. Many times the mountains are formed even after climbing each other on the plate.

Approximately 71% of the Earth is connected to oceans. About 97% of the water in the Earth is present in the oceans. Almost all volcanoes exist within these oceans. Hawaii’s Mouna Kaya Volcano is bigger than Mount Everest. But most of it is submerged. In the same way, the world’s largest mountain range is also present in the water. It is spread from the Arctic Ocean in the Antarctic Ocean Border. If the Andes, Rockies and the Himalayan mountain range are added, the mountain range extending between the Arctic and Antarctic ocean will be 4 times bigger than these. Read the volcano for more information.

Earth’s orbit and rotation time

Like other planets in the solar system, the orbit of the Earth is also the Sun. Earth rotates round goal even on its own axis. It takes 23 hours 56 minutes to 4.0989 seconds to complete the rotation of the earth while roaming on its axis. It takes 365.26 days for our earth to revolve around the Sun, to complete one revolution. Additional 6 hours cannot be counted according to the calendar system. However, in every 4 years, these 6 hours change in 24 hours. This 24 hour is added to the fourth year’s time. For this reason, 1 year is 366 in every 4 years, which is called leap year.

The Earth has its own axis of 23.5 degrees on the axis. The Earth is inclined towards its axis even while rotating around the sun. Changes in the weather are only due to this inclination of the Earth. Once a year the northern hemisphere of the earth is tilted towards the sun. And the distance of the Southern Hemisphere is also very much from the Sun. At this time there is a summertime here when the sunlight is too high in the northern hemisphere. The temperature here is low due to the sun’s radiation falling in the southern hemisphere. The winter season also starts falling in the southern hemisphere due to this reason. After 6 months, this condition completely vomits. At the time of spring, the two hemispheres get almost equal sunlight.

Percentage of gases in the atmosphere

There is a very condensed atmosphere around the ground surface of the earth. It contains approximately 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen and 1% other gas. These other gases contain argon, carbon dioxide and neon etc. This atmosphere greatly influences the climate, climate, and climate of the earth. This atmosphere protects ordinary people from many types of sunlight. With this, this atmosphere protects the earth from Meteoroids and so on. Actually, the meters are often frustrated with the atmosphere when they come towards the Earth, the water ends on the way.

Origin and history of life on Earth 

The temperature on Earth is balanced in comparison to other planets, as well as various types of biochemical materials are found here. Because of this, the possibilities of life were created here and different creatures were born. The most important thing about this planet is that most of it is filled with water. Due to water on Earth, life was possible only about 3.8 billion years ago. There is a change of time from time to time, which keeps the climate in different places balanced. Earth’s atmosphere is also a huge contribution to the possible life. Because of the presence of oxygen gas, the breathing process of the organisms here is completed, and the animals also survive.

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