The birth and depth of the Sea.

The birth and depth of the Sea.

The depth and birth of the Sea
The depth and birth of the Sea

The birth and depth of the Sea:- The birth of the sea: Scientists estimate that the birth of the sea will happen between approximately 500 million and 100 million years from today. In fact, it is difficult to guess how the earth’s giant pits filled with water. On the other hand, how many such pitches were built, this is also a big question.

The birth of the sea

Scientists say that when the earth was born then it was a circle of fire. When the earth slowly began to cool, the clouds of gas spread around it. When the cold became cloudy, these clouds became heavy and they were continuously raining heavily. This was happening for millions of years. These huge pitchers of the surface of the earth filled with water were later called as oceans.

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70.92 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with sea. This means that there is sea in the approximately 36,17,40,000 square kilometers of Earth. The world’s largest ocean is the Pacific Ocean, with an area of approximately 16,62,40,000 square kilometers. It is 45.8 percent of all the oceans of the world. There is a mysterious world of water animals within the Pacific Ocean, which is still in search. The Pacific Ocean is the deepest ocean in the world. Its average depth is 3939 meters. Except the ocean, if we talk about the ocean, the world’s largest ocean is South China Sea, of which the area is 2974600 square kilometers.

The depth of Sea
Image Credit: C&GS Season’s Report Patterson 1934-27

Depth of the sea: The depth of the oceans has been deemed different by the scientists. Although the mystery of the depth of the oceans is still intact, till date no one has found its exact depth. It is believed that the depth of the ocean is very cold, dark, and sometimes due to excessive pressure, oxygen is also greatly reduced. The pressure that is felt on the earth, it is 1,000 times more deep in the depths of the ocean. So much pressure that biochemistry also fails here The truth of this pressure is that less than 1 percent of the living in the foothills of the sea have been found so far, where animals and animals live.

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