The oldest first air conditioner train of Indian Railways.

Indian Railways Oldest First Air Condition Train

The oldest first air conditioner train of Indian Railways:- The first train in India started on 16 April 1853. Today, you will be informed about the history of Indian Railways and the interesting facts related to it. One of the most interesting facts is, in those days, what things were used to keep the cool train coach. So you will be surprised to know that during that time, ice blocks were used to keep Air Condition trains cool. A special system was developed for this.

The first Indian air-conditioned train, named Frontier Mail, was introduced in the year 1934. First of all, the coach of the same train was kept cold by using ice blocks. To lay ice, the size of the square box of the square was kept on the train coach. And in the event of snowfall, once every station came, the snow was filled again.

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And later it spread through its cold air through a battery-powered blower. The British officers used to visit this Frontier Mail. Maintaining the temperature of the AC coach was no less than a challenge in itself at that time. But traveling to those trains used to have a very pleasant experience in those times.

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