What is web hosting or Website Hosting India? And how it works and it’s free or Paid?

What is web hosting and how does it work

What is web hosting or Website Hosting India? And how it works and it’s free or Paid? – First of all, let’s talk about hosting is not free. It’s Totally Paid. Free is also available but it is not at all safe for your website. Yes, but if your website is on Google’s Blogger, then you get free hosting that is also Fully Secured. So let’s go, leaving all these things, we come to our point of view.

What is Web Hosting/Website Hosting India?

Hosting means, If you upload videos, images, article to your website, then all the data where it is saved is called hosting. And there are many companies in the market, which offers to host at low-cost. Like, Godaddy, Namecheap, Hosting Raja, Hostgator etc. These are well-known companies and their hosting is a bit expensive, apart from this, there are a few small companies which offer to host at a lower price and I have also used it for personal purposes. Their service is very good.

And if you have just begun blogging, then do not choose any expensive plan to host your website just and just choose the starter plan and after some time you start getting a lot of traffic on your website, Then take a good Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting Plan.


What is Shared Hosting?

“It must have been understood by your name that sharing anything with many people”

Your web hosting provider in Shared Hosting shares many hosting websites from one hard disk and every website that is hosted on that hosting comes under shared hosting.Therefore, when 20 websites have been hosted on a hard disk and some traffic is coming from some websites then, in that case your site will slow down for some time.

The IP address of everyone in Shared Hosting remains the same. And when you think of taking a Shared Hosting anytime, buy an unlimited plan. That includes Unlimited Space, Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email, etc.

There is much more web hosting. For example- Reseller Web Hosting, Cloud-Based Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Web Server Hosting, Colocation Web Hosting, Self Service Web Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting.

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