What is the difference between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

What is the difference between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: – Since the WordPress started on May 27, 2003, it has become the world’s largest blogging software, used on millions of sites. Goes, and every day it is seen by millions of people. So far, 29.4% of the people in the world have made their website on it.

In fact, WordPress.org is the only open source software, but both of them have their own limitations, every new blogger remains confused with on which platforms he should create his  own website. And  both of them are creation of the same company. So let’s know what is the difference between these two.

Definition of WordPress.org

Definition of WordPress.org

WordPress.org has no limitations of any kind. It has full control of the website with you, and it is absolutely free.

1) In this, you can install any third-party theme and plugin, whether it is free or paid.

2) You can host WordPress.org on the web hosting you want, for that there is no restriction on you, that you can get the same web hosting from WordPress.

3) It’s absolutely free, but you have to do hosting separately from any hosting company the Web Hosting Provider.

4) In it, you can change any code, if you have good knowledge about PHP otherwise, do not do anything, let it be the same.

5) In this, you can also change the core file.

6) You can customize as much as you like it, there is no limit to any kind of it.

7) It contains the full responsibility of your website because you have taken the hosting, domain name and the theme from a third-party, whether it is trustworthy or not, all you have to see, There is no interference of WordPress it will remain same.

Definition of WordPress.com

Definition of WordPress.com

1) There is also a plan with free, but there are very few chances of approval in Google Adsense.

2) Free domain will contain some of your domains like this: www.abc.wordppress.com These will down Impression of your website, But you can buy new domains not from outside but you must buy from wordpress.com

3) You can’t take back up your website at wordpress.com, nor have it any C panel, its full control remains near WordPress.

4) There are Four Plans in wordpress.com

A) Free-Best For Free User

B) Personal-Best for Personal Use.

C) Premium- Best for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

D) Business- Best for Small Business.

As above 1) Free 2) Personal 3) Premium These three plans have been given, in which you can’t use any of your Third Party’s Theme or Plugin and if you are thinking of installing Theme and Plugin accordingly, For this these three plans are useless (Free, Personal and Premium) for this you have to use “Business Plan” in it you can install Third Party’s Theme and Plugin accordingly.

5) In this, you can’t make any changes in any core file.

6) It contains all the responsibility of your website, from Worpdress.com, so hosting, domain name and theme is providing all of WordPress itself (For example, in WordPress.org, you have to accept the domain name from Godaddy, taken from Web Hosting Hostgator is taken from any third-party), but all of them will give WordPress only, Hosting, Domain Name and Theme only Excluding business plans.

In the end, according to my experience if you are a blogger, or you have a small business, then you should go with WordPress.org or you have a big business, then you should go with wordpress.com it is better for you Will happen.You have complete control over WordPress.org, On the other hand, WordPress.com has some limited control over you.

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